Saturday, December 13, 2008

Love brings you further than you think.

Suddenly, the week passed very fast. Hah, and tadah! Attachment is OVER OVER OVER OVER OVER!! GOODBYE LITTLE INDIA, GOODBYE KKH YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!! GOODBYE 66!! GOOD BYE TO 1 1/2 HOUR RIDE! YESSSSSSSSSS!! hahahahahahaha!
Overjoyed, my holidays are finally finally here. Oh yeahhhhh ~

Oh well. Actually not really.. cause I have training camp next monday till wednesday, and a competition on friday. Hah. I really really need sleep.. I think I'm going to sleep early today. :D Maybe....

The grade for CA wasn't that bad, and okay lah. I think overall the staff were pretty nice and the kids are really adorable, especially BABIES!! Heehee. But it's not a good place where you want to see them.. =/

Fav pic of the moment, cause my boy looks so happy and blissful. Hahahahahah.

So.. I went to school today in the morning for meeting regarding camp issues.. then left.. and went to JP. Wahlao, that place is now megalord big. SUPER. ULTRA. VERY. Damn big lah!! With the extended wing and all. Rly damn shit cool, but unfortunately so much changes it doesn't feel like a heartland mall already.. Ohwell, I think I should still be thankful that I live in Jurong. Hahahaha.
Saw Claud & Huimin and we caught up abit. Okay, not abit, alot actually. And I'm truly disgusted at how * can behave. So desperately. Seriously, how * portray herself is so.. deceiving!!! I was deceived and now with the truth, I'm utterly disappointed and disgusted with her. I can't believe she'll resort to behaving like this.. and wow. Time span's really short btw. Ahhhh.. nvm.. people do change. ):

Library, and I got new books. Oh! Speaking of books, I managed to finally borrowed Time Traveller's Wife the prev time!! YAYYYY Very awesome book as reviews had mentioned. I'm so tempted to keep the book for myself and not returned it... ): haha, maybe i'll save up and buy it if i can. Lol. Tough though. HAH.

Hmm, nothing much i guess. I'm meeting Claud tmr after her work, so maybe more pictures then! And my tie-dan and my tank that i've left with her since ages... hahah.

A random pic from UPCC's event... (: Reminder to self: Must get the rest from Momo on monday..

Okay, either soccer/Greys/Gossip now!

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