Tuesday, December 2, 2008


It's the second day of attachment and I'm down with fever, flu and sore throat already. Bahh... I nearly died today. Headaches CAN kill. Haha. So well, KKH is... far. Haha, takes me 1 and half hour to go there. Thank god Dad send during morning, and picks me up when I have noon shift. Otherwise I think I can die. Haha. Babies are cute, and little kids are adorable. Very sad sometimes when you see them cry. =/

UPCC event's finally over and done with. Many applauds to Farhan, I'm glad everything turned out well! :D Heehee. Well, I think Sabre team bonded quite alot after/during this event, and sometimes, it pays off when you see your team so organised and some not. Ohwell, we did our part, we can't do everyone's else can we?
Oh, PH got 1st, 2nd was Kenneth the clubber(LOL) and 3rd went to Farhan the gay boy. :D good job people! haha. We all trooped off to KAP after keeping the equipment transported back from UPCC and I think that's where all my health problems started. Lol.. =/

So anyway, met love after work today :D:D:D:D Heehee. He got new haircut after eons of years... hahaha. :D:D Looks like little boy boy now. heehee.
Went to Jp for dinner, and thank you love, for taking care on me! ♥!
Home, panadol and hello lalaland. Lol. The fever's gone down already, so yeah.. I guess tmr should be okay? UhUh...

Damn, I can't wait for my holidays. Bahhhhhhhhhhh...
'Kay, Goodbye!

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