Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I feel like there's things to be done...
But, I can't remember if I am supposed to do anything tonight.

How ar, I think this sem is kinda messed up. ):
I got not much motivation to mug, and the thoughts that persist in my brain after I step into school everyday, is what time I'm going to end.
Die lar, really. Sigh.

Everyday only want to sleep.. sleep sleep sleep.. I think I might have a sleeping disorder. I want to sleep but it's 920pm and I don't wanna have a nap at this time, neither do I want to go to bed now at this time.

Ulcers are springing up like nobody's business.. Ughh.. I'm gonna start garbling soon if this goes on. -Garbles-

Okay, I'm happy I got my shirt today with love, and tomorrow got training which is the last training with David before he flies off to Brubrubruneiiiiiii. ): Aye, all the coaches are leaving us. Bahzz..

This, is really a pointless entry. Congrats to you if you came thus far. :D


melissa said...

I've been so bloody tired everyday too that it's irritating the shit out of me.

Like now, it's 10 and i'm heading to bed. It's like, one in a million days i get to sleep this early now.

Glad the bloody projs are all done.

So tired.


WENBING! said...

YES i feel like a pig.
hahah, and the projs are not comforting at all. You finish one, the next starts. It's a vicious cycle. HAHA.

no, facebook is a horror.