Friday, October 24, 2008

365 days..


Though it wasn't the smoothest year, but I'm glad we made it with each other. I love you plenty plenty! You know how much you mean to me, despite the quarrels we may have, but your love wins everything else that stands in our way. (:

365 days isn't enough,

Because I want your laughter, your smiles, your joy, to cheer me up ;
Because your hugs&kisses never fail to brighten me up ;
Because your shoulders are the only shoulders I want to lay my head on ;
Because your arms are the only arms that will catch me when I fall ;
Because your body is the only one I can safely lean on while standing in a crowded bus, and fall asleep still ;
Because only your attempts to cheer me up whenever I'm sad or down will work ;
Because I know you're the only one who says sorry everytime I'm sad/angry even though it's not your fault, and you know it but you just don't want to see me sad ;
Because you're the only one who will bother telling me you love me still every single time despite making you angry ;
Because you're always the one who reassures me about us when my insecurities crops up ;
Because you can complete my thoughts without me voicing them out ;
Because I know how much I mean to you everytime you look at me and smile with such earnest and love that it goes straight to the heart ;
Because I know that no matter how hard it is, you'll never fail to clear up any misunderstandings with me and not just go on a silent war (you have no idea how thankful i am for this! :D ) ;

Because your every little action, touches my heart even though I don't mention it all the time ;
Because I know that no matter what happens, you'll always be there for me.
And because, I love you so much that faith and optimism are actually turning into a reality for me, that I'm starting to hope and trust because of you, and believe, that for once, We'll have our house and car, and little kids running around, and just this time, our fairytale might be true.

I ♥ you.
Always will, always do.



:D So, yesterday was my anniversary with the love. Quite hard to believe it's been a year already, and that time flies fast. But still, I never did regret the decision we made, and I'm glad we've come this far. :D:D

Went to Harbourfront's Ramenten after school for dinner. :D:D Hahah, I miss the ramen. Starving like nuts so yep, the food tasted goooood. Heehee.

Full full after that, and we walked around Vivo. Went to Toys' R Us and got fascinated and amused by the toys around, while love entertained himself with star wars & gundam figurines. Hahah.
Bumped into prong & her mum, which was nice yet awkward.. hahahahah. ;)

Had superdog after that when we were less full, and ohmg, the hotdog's damn awesome. hahahah. And the fries are very potato-ish! heehee. :D:D Too bad we were too full, or I would have tried the cheese fries too... Looks pretty good though. Hah.

Though we had a simple celebration, but I'm glad everything worked out fine and well yesterday! :DDD

And Goldkist finally replied me today, so yay, I hope tomorrow's going to be awesome. Feels like part 2 of the celebration... heehee. (:

Lovesssss <3!

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