Saturday, October 25, 2008

Projects, and more dashes.

Week 2 of the academic has passed, and the past week has been really frantic and tiring. Rushing out projects, and alot of miscommunication. We thought we had to present NS3 this week, so we rushed it out, only to realise that we were to present on Week 4. -.- And then on wednesday, we found out we were supposed to present NS4 on thursday. So yeah... alot of mad rush for deadlines, and boring lectures in between, and I finally subcummed to tiredness, dozing off in one of the lectures completely. =/ Hahaha.

Found time in between though, to head out to PS with Mellie (THANK YOUUU!) to get my materials for the secret anniversary gift for the love. Oh, had to manage to finish up the gift in time for the week so I can pass it to him on sunday, during our P2 of the celebration. HAHAH. After getting the stuff, went over to Cathay wanting to eat Aston but the queue was as usual, too horrible so we gave up and settled for Nihon (?) Jap food. Hah, not that bad actually! The don's quite gooood. Heehee. Full, too. :D

So well, I'm glad we have a long weekend ahead, because I figured I really need some catching up of sleep after this week. Lol. NSL's been fairly kind to me, since the topics are still relatively interesting.. haha.
Oh! Got my next posting as well, KKH!!! Ohmg, I really have no idea what time I'm going to wake up man. Also, not in the same ward and batch as Mellie & Lala already.. Aww. No more lunch companions. Luckily though, there are still some people that I know in my batch.. Yep. Hopefully it'll all go well lah. UhUh..

Went over to Mel's place today to finish up some work, and then I spent the rest of the day looking at her work for NSL's presentation. I think Pigpig's really creative and good at handicraft. Hahaha, I admire your determination manzz. And I'm glad your end product (well, okay HALF-end) looks amazing. Vicky better give you really good grades for the amount of effort you put in.. Hahah. :D

Alright, I'm going to watch GA, and then probably head off to bed already. Tired tired!
Have a good weekend ahead! (:

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