Monday, October 6, 2008

Fairy tales don't come true. Reality is much stormier, much scarier.

This might be a lil' too late but yes, Attachment's finally finally finally over!!!!! :D:D:D
I'm back to slacking and being a very free girl, well at least for one week before term starts. Hah.

Last day of work was okay and veryveryvery slack. Lol. Practically started work only at like 5pm because from 1230 to 4, we were signing PDAs, getting back our grades, taking group pictures, and talking. Lol. Then from 4 to 5pm, it was my break time, so yea, technically I started work at 5. Lol.
The next 3 and half hours were.. nothing interesting. The usual attend to patient needs stuff I guess. :D:D

Met Nadj for dinner at JE, and then he sent me back. :DD

Weekend was a mad rush of tv shows and drama and more shows. Lol. I finally caught up on the heroes bug though somehow, not very appealing to me.. but we will see. (: New episodes of tv shows as well.. and Oh, Pushing Daisies S2 is out! Heehee.

Went out to JP with love for "dinner", slacked at coffeebean then went to the library to get new books. Yayyyz!

Home, and con't my drama. And finally finished it on sunday morning. Lol. Very nice!! It's a HK drama, Jia Hao Yue Yuan. Damnnn good show. Lol.

So now... I have nothing much to watch, except to wait for tmr to come and then new episodes of GG and etc will surface. Lol. Torturous wait...

And training tmr! After 2 whole weeks, I hope I won't be too slow in my reactions.. =/


Anonymous said...

omg!! i chasing jia hao yue yuan now too! but can only watch on weekends :(

WENBING! said...

prong: EHHH DAMN EXCITING RIGHT WAHLAO I SUPER HOOKED CAN. haha! Eh can watch online actl! :D hahahaha.