Monday, October 27, 2008

The part 2.

How was your weekend! I'm happyhappyhappy because I think I had the most fantastic weekend of the current year. :D:D Heehee. It's quite sad though, to have it passed so fast.. and quite depressing to think that school goes on per normal tomorrow, with equally lots of projects.. lectures.. boring tutorials.. GAH!!!

But, okay, I still have like 9hours to go before I'm due back in school, so I'm still going to enjoy the weekendssss. hahaha.

Well, reason for the fantastic weekend was because the love and I booked a chalet at ECP and spend a day/night together, and for once no academics whatsoever to be bothered about. :D Heehee.

Met up after his duty at Great Eastern Run 10k, wanted to collect our shirts at Queens but the shop wasn't opened.. =/ So we had lunch at Bedok Int first and got some drinks & food for the stay. Cabbed over to the chalet since the bus queue was insanely long and we were tired from the rides already. Hahaha.

Check-ed in and all, surprisingly the place wasn't that bad. Quite nice actually, the bed was big. I like. HAHA. Bummed around & watched HSM2 while he sleptzzzzz and then we walked out to the Mac area there for dinner. Had turkish crusine which was damndamndamn awesomeezzzz heehee.

My hero! YAY. hahaha.

Took a walk around the beach lovesx100000 but sadly no starry nights because there were many light pollutions with cloudy skies. ): Alot of people camping out also, glad we decided to get a chalet instead of camping since it was so crowded.. don't think we'll be able to find a good spot anyway. Hahah.
Thought of cycling, but then too sian, so we went back to the chalet after the walk, bathed and then watched Mindhunters until we fell asleep. Didn't bring extra shirt since I wanted to use the new one so ended up wearing one of love's sparespare shirt. Hah. He brought damn alot though.. like.. 4? LOL. And I forgot my comb.. so yeah. I think my hair's condition's further compromised, damn tangled. Need a haircutzz......

Slept to around 7 plus, plan was to go eat the breakfast buffet which was complimentary for guests at the resort cafe, but we were both too lazy so we slept and watched tv and slept and watched tv until it was time to go. Went to botak jones for lunch after checking out and it was damn freaking full lar..... =/ I think must start training earnestly already.. )):

So yeap, it was a good relaxing weekend spent, even though we didn't do much but hey, the company made up for every single part. :D:D Hahah.

To simply sum everything up: Nothing beats having you around, and nothing beats waking up in your arms! :D LOVES<3

And I wish everyday was like this but.... well.. ):

Oh, the secret present was..... PILLOW! handsewn by yours truly okay!! Ohmg. Never thought I would end up doing such a thing but ah well.. haha, THANK YOU PIGPIG for your guidance too. hahaha!

Ahhhh, I want to watch Grey's anatomy.. but the damn thing is loading damn slowlyzz.......

OH. LIVERPOOL WON CHELSEA!!!! WOOHOOO, even though I missed the match, but.. WOOHOO!!! haahahah!


Anonymous said...


Call me Ah MIng said...

wha!!! shiok leh!!! Good idea to book a chalet for the night. Maybe I want to try it also.

WENBING! said...

prong: HEEHEE :D

ahming: haha, for yourself alone?! haha, how are you anw! :D

Call me Ah MIng said...

:D!!! haha!! me still somewhere alive lah. Doing work for this and that on part time basis still while waiting to complete studies.