Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Dull & Monotonous

Hello. I spent a day at home today doing nothing much. Lol. Plus the fact that GG and the rest of tv shows aren't being aired this week, no idea why, (but yes shit tv shows have taken over my life) so.. boring wednesday. Lol.

So what did I do to kill boredom? Well, pretty standard when you have a webcam lying around..... hah. Opened up dusty photoshop and played around with effects and tutorials, and got some pretty cool ones. :D Wanted to make some changes to this blog, but I didn't find it nice, so I skipped. Haha. But still, it was fun.. and definitely killed time.

My time consuming (ha, ha, ha) work:

Pardon the influx of ME, but you see, I have no one else at home this time to camwhore with. =/
I think they're colourful though. i like colourful stuff. Like rainbow. Hah, eh so much rain nowadays, but I haven't seen any rainbows yet... ):

Some tint, rounded edges effects. UhUh. I haven't seen this girl for near 2 weekssss! )): Bah.

And my favourite of all (: Teeheeeheee.

I went for training ytd, and hah! As expected, died after the campus run. Lol. Bahhz, two weeks and my stamina has bid goodbye. No choice.. gotta try harder I guess. We had some phototaking shoot for the club which took up a little bit more time than expected, but... ohwell. Free-fenced a little before heading to market for dinner, and home with Nadj. (:

ZZZZ.. Okay I think I'll go and finish up my books. And tidy up razorliketears. Probably.. like spend time locking every other entries up since its been converted into a selling one alr. Hah. Aye.. Too much time? Yeah.

On a happy note, I hope tmr will be funfunfun! ;)

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