Sunday, October 19, 2008


After one whole year of anticipation, we went raya visiting today! Heehee. Damn tiring but ohmg, very very very fun!! And all the food were damn goooooood okay. :D:D

So let's see. We met up at Sya's place first. Amir biked over so he was first to reach, followed by me who cabbed bec I got conned into thinking I was the last one to arrive, then Pramod, Mellie&Nurul and the last one was Awul. Hahah, Awul was late because he got lost while driving. YESS.. DRIVING. Wahlao eh, made of us damn envious today okay! Lol.

So anyway, went up to Sya's house and we had fun, we watched this bollywood movie called "Om Shanti Om", at least I think that was the title lah. It was rather nice, and the rest of them actl were sneakily watching it on vcd last year during one of the lecturers. Hahah, so yep, the show was quite nice, and then we took group pictures and more before leaving for Hakim's place.

The girls took Awul's car, while Pramod biked with Amir and it was raining damn heavily so damn sway, the two of them were quite drenched. =/

Another round of eating at Hakim's place with pizza and more pictures, talked and played hide-and-seek (?!?!) hahahah! Damn coooolzzzzz heehee.

This is.. Uhmm... hahahahahahah!

The guys & the girls!

Nurul's house was next, and we watched cartoons and ate as well. Lol. The guys damn bad lah, they chose powerpuff girls over food. ZZZZZ hahah and coincidentally the three of them dressed in the colours of Nurul's place so we kept making them pose in the "I BLEND IN!" and "SPOT ME!" positions. Hah.

Spot the humans for the 2nd picture!! :D:D

4th stop: Awul's crib and we had MORE food, oh my goodness. Hahaha. Everyone was really just forcing food in alreadyz.. hahaha.

Supposed to head back to Amir's place at Jurong without Awul but because Amir didn't know the way back, Awul had to sent us all the way there. Ahhh, THANK YOU AWUL! Haha, felt quite bad so we gave him tokens!! haha and finally we reached our last stop for the day, everyone was damn exhausted and too full to eat but we managed to stuff a couple more bites while watching Mr and Mrs Smith. Played around with his swing at home and Dave popped by and became the photographer for the whole lot. And finallehz, cabbed back home with Sya and Pramod. :D:D:D

Lol, because of Awul, the entire day's topic kept revolving around driving, driving license etc etc but I'm getting really excited and I want to take the tests fast fast now!!!!! Hahaha. Aim for all of us is to get by next year so we can have cars&cars&cars for raya! Hah! But seriously, I think I'll go down BBDC by this week and register and hopefully get a slot next week for BTT and take with Sya. Heehee. :DDD Hopeefullyyyy!!

Other than that, had alot fun with the company, especially watching Awul & Amir chasing each other, following each other because Amir's damn blur and kept getting lost/ don't know the way. Hahah, if only school was like that, and we were all still back in p10. ): Ah well... I'll look forward to lunches spent with them and next month, we're going to the zoo zoo zoo!!! :D

That's all for the weekend, I hope this week goes well with all the numerous presentations. I figured I'll get some extra work done tmr I think.. =/


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