Saturday, October 18, 2008

I'll stay if you want me to.

It's finally the weekends, and school has officially started for a week.
Well, 2.2 is rly quite different.. we have alotalotalot of projects and deadlines, and worst of all, the projects are assigned straightaway without us being properly introduced to the modules. ): For example, we enter tutorial class, lecturer splits us into groups and gives us our topics, and tell us to go straight into discussion. ?!?!?! Like, whaaaaaaaaaat? I don't even know half of what the question/topic is asking and after flipping through notes, we realise the answers are in Lecture say, 4 or 5. What the hellzzzz. And deadlines are approx next week to start with, I'm going quite paranoid and frantic after each tutorial because my brain cannot store so much deadlines and what-to-do. )):

Note to self: Must Must Must dig out my organizer and write notes in!!

Other than that, my mentor who I've been dreading about since I got my timetable has been relatively nice. NSL ain't that horrible despite the long hours, and we actl had quite alot of fun & exposure. We had videos of pap smear, BABY DELIVERY WHICH WAS OHMG and left everyone rather traumatised but hell, it had been sadly, enjoyable. Lol. And awul's in our class, which I'm rather glad for! heeheee. We're learning infants next week, yay!! :D:D


Yep, Ms Meera managed to get a real life placenta for us and we kinda toyed around with it for abit.. It's huge. Wow. Imagine that in your womb. Hahahaha.

Other than that, nothing much interesting about school, long hours and deprived sleep of course. But the happy thing's that we get to spend lunch together with Mellie & Sya on tues&thurs! :D:D Happyhappy!

Fencing's been alright too. Body was aching like insane after tues's (stretching) PT hahahahah but okay.. I ate alot today so must work out morezzzz. ):

Today! Went to pak tor today. Hahahz. Initial plan was to drop by at Nat Trials around 5 today to give support to the guys, so met up with love at noon to go Queens to get our tshirts done. :D:D Had a funny moment there due to some customer-boss quarreling and we being the "confidents" to the boss after nasty customer left, and ended in getting good&cheap prices from the boss for our shirts!!!! Hahaha, awesome awesome. I like the place already. Heehee. Hopefully we'll get the shirts in time though.. :D:D Cannot wait!!

Subway for lunch before that, and then fries and ice cream, after that we still had alot of time to go before 5, so vivo we went and caught a korean movie called "If I were superman". Random movie though, thus we didnt know what the hell the story was about. The show's.... average I guess. Love thought it was good, but I thought... yeah. Average lor. The story's quite long-winded but if you want a good synopsis or the gist of the show, I suggest you go google it up instead because frankly, I have no idea how to put it into words either. Hahahah.

Since the movie ended late, plan to go watch the Nats Trials was abolished, ended up having dinner at IMM. SEE!! I ate like hell lot today, damnit. Must watch the meals for the next few days, okay from Monday onwards since I'm going to go raya visiting tmr!!! Yay! Excited and happyzz am I. Meeting the rest at Sya's place first, then I think we're heading to Hakim's and then Nurul and then maybe Izzul (?) and end off at Awul's! Hiakhiak. Sure to be damndamndamn bloated after that.... will take alot of pictures I hope!

Okay, that's about all for the week. Have to start revision soon, probably from next week onwards, and do more research etc etc etc. Sigh. Hello Library, I'm coming back to you soonzzzz..

For now, Hello Grey and Winchesters. :D


**-Guang-sky-Ming-** said...

what the.....? is that 'thing' 's owner still alive? lol

WENBING! said...

alive lah! hahaha the placenta is supposed to come out after a woman gives birth!! if dont come out then the person will die alr. hahahaha.