Friday, October 10, 2008

The things you do for love, & friends. :D

Today was good, fun actually! :D

Met up with Mel and headed down to Bugis to do a little bit of shopping. :D Hah, got my flats after like months&months of pondering and hesitation. Hah. Got watches also, one for attachment since my watch face broke already. Mellie got herself a top and heels, and she was a happy kidzzz. :D

Had mee siam for lunch! Finallehhhhh, satisfy the cravings since attachment. Lol. Then we walked to NLB to check out some stuff, and now I'm embarking on a secret project!! :D I hope I finish in time though...

Went to JP to get some materials stuff and then library again while we talked and etc. :D:D Hahah, Had funnnnn!! Thank you Huang PigPig for today! Heehee, I hope everything works well & I don't have to call you at 3am in the morning to seek for help.

Love came over yesterday, and apparently it was quite funny because mum took my keys by accident so I couldn't open the door to let him in. >.< We were like two stranded and imprisoned (me) kids trying to get across to each other. Lol. Help came in the form of Daddy after like... an hour. Hahahaha. Decision to cook was cancelled and we ended up calling in Mac because we got tired and lazy after waiting for help to unlock the "cage".

Went training together, and we had team fencing which was quite fun! I think I like team fencing more than individual lah..... hahah. My team won, haha but aiya, it was all fun and fun. Lol. Market for dinner and then home sweetz home! :D

Tomorrow is Saturday... I'm still thinking if I should go register for driving.. =/ Gahhhhhhhzzz. Trng tmr too.. conditioning I think. Sianz.

Ah well, Have a good weekend ahead! :D

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